24 June 2013

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The Shoe Pendant

As I was saying last week, on Friday I attended the so coveted Digital Divas' second edition, which took place at the Biavatti lounge (an extremely beautiful location if I might add). I met with old friends and got some new ones. I also finally met Irina, the owner of Add some style, who is, guess what, from the same town as me. We had the chance to chat a little bit and enjoy together all the lovely speakers. I'll also do something that I don't usually do, and present some of my favorite speakers with what they said.

Vicky from Vickipedia.ro
The Shoe Pendant
The first speaker of the day was probably one of the best. Although her little bit of stage fright made its way through, her ideas more than compensated for it. Associating blogging with jogging was absolutely BRILLIANT! ( I am jealous I didn't think of it myself).

Ana from Highstreetcardigans.com
The Shoe Pendant
Hearing her speak was absolutely lovely! She is, as I might have stated (so many times) before, the only blogger I have been constantly reading for the past 2 or so years. Her story is all about hard work and dedication, not fabulous inheritance or begging opportunities, and this is probably why I find her story so inspiring.

Mirela Bucoviceanu of Molecule F
The Shoe Pendant
Mireloa Bucoviceanu was an astounding presence! I have to say that her blazer was probably at least half as amazing as her speech and her story, a story to which I hope to call my own someday, a story about dedication to an idea, to its realisation. Not to mention finding out such a creative name such as Molecule F.

And then there were 2: Catalin Opritescu and Dana Paun
The Shoe Pendant
The Shoe Pendant
Well, when something just happens, you realize it was always meant to be. This was the story of the two street style photographers of which, to my shame, I hadn't quite heard before the conference. Well, thankfully enough I heard now and I am big fan starting today! I'll know I have a great style when I'll get featured on one of their blogs.

Yvan Rodic, the Facehunter
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I will not say too much of the (overrated) top guest from the conference, but I will still tell you that I am still looking for a transcript of what he said.

Andreea Esca
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And here's to saving the best for last. Andreea Esca, one of the best news anchors in Romania, was never my favorite person. I now have to say that I have changed my opinion to 180 degrees and I simply love her: her charm, her wit, she's absolutely amazing. She had the room laughing and paying attention, not using their phones to check #twitter, #instagram or anything similar. I am now a devoted fan and if you ever get the chance to hear her speak at a conference, don't even give it a second thought.

Oana Pellea
The Shoe Pendant

Well, if you thought I spoke highly of Andreea Esca, here's to one true amazing and outstanding person, Oana Pellea. She was obviously my favorite speaker, to say the least. Her charm and her being there where simply outstanding. She left no soul untouched and if you might miss Andreea Esca speaking, Oana Pellea is something rare.

Now here are the last two photos, of me and Simona, with whom I kind of didn't have enough time to talk (I had to skip the last session of the conference and the gala), and the simply amazing cookie stand (which I wouldn't devoured if possible).

The Shoe Pendant

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  1. Frumoase imagini! Imi pare rau ca nu am putut merge si eu! :( Sper ca te-ai distrat!




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