29 June 2013

An open end story

The Shoe Pendant

I do apologize for using my dog as a cover, but the circles under my eyes are not to be seen by any kind of audience what so ever.

Once upon a time, there was a ravishing girl that had just finished her Senior Year and graduated from highschool. She was due to leave for college in a few months and until then spend her summer according to her princess-like needs and wishes. However, faith had something else in store for her: her final exams, otherwise known as the (Dreadful) Baccalaureat ! She had to study hard: literature, the art and science of sociology, the mistakes and successes of her ancestors, but time was of essence. Her peers had started studying a year ago, but her procrastination power had kept her enjoying indulging in ephemeral distractions and only now had she realised the danger she was in.

A number of sleepless nights (if you count falling asleep at 1 a.m.) and a couple of tons of caffeine (this is not as much of a joke as I'd like it to be) had brought her to the verge of quiting. But don't fear, she has quit yet. With only 2 days to go, she is in her fittest form and no Harap-Alb can bring her down.

And in case you haven't realised that I am the ravishing girl, here's the spoiler. And here are also a couple of things I've learned while wracking my brains to study the whole material in a number of 5 days:

1) There is never such a thing as too much coffee.
2) Long breaks are bittersweet: they are savoury while they last, but they'll bite your arse once they're done.
3) "This is the last time I'm doing this" - This phrase never - EVER - works.
4) Stress is the mother of all creativity. During the past couple of days I've had so many ideas, more than I usually have in an entire month.

As far as the end goes, the story is still in writing. To make it sound more fancy, I am writing my destiny as we speak. See you on the 8th with the real ending :)

Stay fabulous and wish me look, Alexandra


  1. Wishing you all the best! Hope you come out of it as ravishing as you were at the start :)

    Thara from Moss & Stone


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